ALLA 2019/2020 Winner Interview

International Most Impactful Awards 2017 Winner Sharing - Master Roong Huah

Car Care/ Polishing

Remove Swirl Marks & Achieve a High Gloss Finish [EN] | Farécla G360 Super Fast Finish (SFF101)

Remove P1500 Hand Flatting Marks [EN] | Farécla G360 Super Fast Compound (SFC101)

Remove Holograms & Swirl Marks with Farécla G360 Super Fast Compound [EN] | @fareclaproductsltd

G3 Pro SuperGloss Paste Wax - How to Use | @G3Professional

Farécla G3 Wax Premium Liquid Protection with a Cloth or Finishing Foam - How to Use Video

Farécla G3 Glaze Gloss Enhancer with a G Mop 6" Finishing Foam

Farécla G3 Regular Grade Paste Compound - How to Use

Farécla G3 Extra Plus Abrasive Compound - How to Use

Farécla G3 Premium Abrasive Compound with 8" Applicator Pads - How to Use

Car Detailing

How to Apply Compound, Polish & Wax by Hand Quik Tips

How to boost GLOSS, PROTECTION and WATER BEADING with Hybrid Ceramic Detailer

EASY GUIDE to cleaning WHEELS AND TYRES | Seminar Sessions

Meguiar's Gold Class Shampoo and Conditioner

Car paint


5 Tricks to APPLY POLYESTER PUTTY on a Car

How to apply Cromax clear in 1.5 coats

Non Sanding Primer Surfacer

Application guidelines

Quick fix for paint defects in dried basecoat

Basecoat Blender

Maximum speed minimum energy consumption

Tri-Stage Repair

Best practice blending method

Tips to fix mottling

Application guide


Fogging Machine Tutorial

How to install 16 Litre Humidifier

How to use K5 Nano Spray Gun

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