Norio Tech Water Resistant Coating for Paintings

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Norio Tech Water Resistant Coating for Paintings For Paintings Coatings

Norio Tech 纳飞米 太空层保护科技,是最著名的绘画防水技术。超耐用,专为在最极端的条件下使用而设计。此方法基于一种特殊的纳米技术涂层,比人的头发细一千倍,可保护画作免受损由于水渗透而造成的损坏。                                                                   


Norio Tech the most well-known waterproofing technology for paintings. Ultra durable , designed for use in the most extreme of conditions. With our waterproofing technology will keep water and ensure a level of originality of the paintings, and to protect your paintings.This method is based on a special nanotechnology coating a thousand times thinner than a human hair which protects paintings from damage due to the penetration of water.

Strong water repellency, long aging time, long life, lasting and stable performance, can be used up to 2 years. 

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