Primers & Clearcoats

Satellite GWP 2K Clearcoat 2:1 Medium Dry Set | Clear + Hardener (1000ml+500ml)

Dumix 100 2K QDS Clear/ 1 Litre (Set)

Dumix 300 2K HS Top Clear 2:1 / 1 Litre (Set)

Dumix 210 2K MS Clear / 1 Litre (Set)

Dumix 2K PUR200 [Polyurethane] 2:1 Clear /1 Litre (Set)

Diamond 2K QDS Clearcoat 4:1/ 1 Litre (Set)

Dumix 2K Primer Surfacer Undercoat (840R Grey/ 842R White/ 843R Black) 1 Litre - Set

Dumix 2K [MATT] Clear DX211 2:1 /1 Litre (Set)

Dumix 2K [MATT] Clear DX311 4:1 /1 Litre (Set)

Samurai 2K01A Flat Clear/ 2K01 Top Coat Clear Aerosol (400ml) /

HIPIC 6206 2K Epoxy Primer 4:1 1Liter & Activator 250ML

Glasurit Clear Coat Bundle | 923-155 HS Multi Clear(1L) + 929-91 HS Topcoat Hardener(0.5L)

GLASURIT Clear Coat Set | 923-255 HS Multi Clear(1L) + 929-94 HS Topcoat Hardener(0.5L)

HIPIC 233 2:1 2K CLEAR COAT e1L with HARDENER e0.5L Set

HIPIC 2800 High Solid 2K 2:1 Clearcoat 1Liter & Activator 500ML

HIPIC Vertex 2:1 VS9000 VOC 2K Clear coat and Activator

Dumix 1K High Gloss Clear Coat Spray (Aerosol 400ml)

Dumix 1K (P-700) Fast Dry Primer Grey Undercoat (Aerosol 400ml/ 1 Litre)

Samurai 2K04 Aerosol Epoxy Surfacer Primer Paint (400ml)

Satellite@cheongseng Fast Dry Primers, Paints/ Cat Kereta Cepat Kering (850ml)

Dumix 2K Primer* Undercoat (HS1040 Grey/1060 White/1080 Black) 1 Litre - Set

Dumix PP Plastic Clear Primer D-488 Fast dry Good adhesion for Bumper Multiple plastic DIY


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